3PL Service Providers in India

Welcome to Synchronized Supply Systems Ltd, India’s exclusive & prominent transport load & trucks. We are common ground connecting transporters with customers. Synchronized Supply Systems Ltd provides instant logistics and transport solution for consumers, industry, construction, E-commerce, retail, small & medium enterprises etc. across India. Established in 2009, Synchronized Supply Systems Ltd comes in the backdrop of about three decades of experience in transportation & logistics solutions.


Until now, the logistics OR transport segment has been disorganised. However, with the fast-paced growth of the industry, globalisation, rise of India as a manufacturing hub, rise of urban population and the e-commerce bubble, the state of logistics solution in India requires a paradigm shift.

Towards ringing the required changes in the logistics OR transport arena, Synchronized Supply Systems Ltd provides the versatile online platform to hire mini and heavy trucks for house shifting, office shifting, industrial goods movements in part/ full load capacities and other aspects of 3PL supply chain management.

Transport is a very expensive overhead and needs to be optimised in order to be competitive both locally as well as globally. Synchronized facilitates information flow between consumers/merchants and fleet owners/operators/service providers to achieve the dual purpose of optimum resource utilisation and cost effective value addition.



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