A Few 3PL Value Added Services Can Change Your Life

Value added services, when you think of this term, you can clearly imagine services that go beyond the usual. In the case of logistics, 3PL value added services have the same meaning. These services are offered by every top logistics company in India to ensure that the clients get something more than their expectations. It is a win-win scenario for the service provider as well as the customers because the customers get to enjoy varied services at one destination while the service providers get to ensure that the clients get more satisfaction and their loyalty is boosted.

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Have a look at the most common 3PL add-on services that are helping companies stay ahead of the competition by delivering enhanced customer experience.

  • Inventory Management

When you know what to produce to meet clients needs and how much to produce, the business management process becomes simpler, profitable and efficient. A good logistics service provider will help you with that. The company will have human resources who will crunch your sales data and offer advisory on what you need to stock and what you need to order.

You will also get assistance with the matters pertaining to the safety of the stock and setting the re-order levels for each of your SKU’s. Some companies go the extra mile and even indent products on the behalf of the customer when the stock levels are within the re-order points.

  • Product Manipulation

Though ensuring that the products reach the customers is a vital 3PL service, ensuring that the products are packed, labeled, assembled and repaired are a few services that are the need of the hour. In the packing process, multiple products are packed in one order by trained personnel of the service provider.

Labeling is done to ensure that the products carry the name of your brand and are sorted before reaching the distributor or customer. This process ensures less confusion and more clarity on what’s what. A good logistics service provider will also ensure that repairs & maintenance is done on those of your products that lose some of their shine when they are just sitting in the warehouse. Assembling of products is another vital service that ensures that your end customers get the finished products, not just its parts. Believe us, not having to assemble the products really boosts customer loyalty.

  • Reverse Logistics

In this service, the best logistics provider in India will ensure that not only the products are delivered in a timely fashion, they are also returned seamlessly if the customer is not satisfied due to any reason. With loads of companies offering free returns on defective or unsuitable products, this service has grown significantly in the last few years.

It’s a fact that reverse logistics is a full-fledged industry that’s growing day by day. When you avail this service, you will be glad of your decision in the future. And yes, do remember that every good logistics service provider will offer disposal of hazardous and electric wastes. So, if you are expecting any such thing, you must sign up for that as well.

  • Delivery and Installation

Every worthy logistics provider in India that aims to ensure maximum customer satisfaction would also provide delivery and installation service. This is a great option for you if you wish to offer a free installation service to your clients in a seamless manner. In this service, trained personnel would not only deliver the products in a timely manner, they would also ensure that the products are unloaded safely, delivered at the destination perfectly and are installed in a flawless manner. The delivery process is also trackable which means you or your clients can know the exact location of the item at any time of any day. This kind of transparency ensures higher customer satisfaction too.


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