Key Warehousing Challenges Faced in Multi-Channel Retail Logistics and How to Get Rid of Them

Indian retail industry has seen many changes in the last two decades but the last few years have been particularly challenging due to factors like increasing demand of the customers, the expectation of value added services, the e-commerce boom and increased adoption of technology to boost efficiencies. With the changes taking over the retail industry, associated industries such as warehousing also need to prove their worth by changing the way they work. As warehousing is a vital part of the retail infrastructure, there is a growing need to identify key warehousing challenges faced in multi-retail logistics and how to get rid of them. Here are some thoughts on identifying and coping with these challenges.

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  • Quick Order Processing

Every customer wants the products he or she orders online to be delivered in a swift manner. They don’t even want to wait for a week to get their hands on the products they need. A good solution to meet this need is to stock the goods in advance and map customer needs via data analytics. Quick order processing becomes a headache during the peak season demand and for this, every best warehousing company in India should take the assistance of well-defined processes, efficient staff and a WMS system that helps in defining the order processing times and enable fulfilling of orders on time.

  • Quitting Traditional Picking Methods

A key challenge which has surfaced recently is that direct to customer selling volumes have increased at a rapid pace. To meet these volumes, one cannot rely on traditional picking methods. Every warehousing service provider should train the staff members to adopt varied picking methods for bigger and smaller batch SKUs. One size fits all approach is outdated now!

  • Packaging Perfectly

A sure shot way to please an end customer is to ensure that the products are packaged in a right manner so that the products are not damaged during the transit. Now, the uniform packaging is considered as vital as safe packaging which means that every warehousing service provider must opt for consistent and attractive packaging methods so that the end customers can be pleased.

  • Being More Centralized

With the constant changes in multi-channel retail logistics, retailers are looking for centrally located options that can cater to a wide variety of end customers without increasing the logistics costs. For example, they seek top warehouse provider in Gurgaon instead of Delhi as Delhi is costlier than Gurgaon and a warehouse in Gurgaon will be equally capable of serving the clients in Northern India as a Delhi based warehouse.

  • Adoption of Automation

Automation of processes is available at every best warehousing company in India. It ensures that the products are stocked right, they are labeled correctly, methods like FIFO are adopted and packaging, dispatch & delivery become more efficient. Using a customized software to meet the technological challenges is a preferred option as it offers customized solutions to every end customer.

  • Staff Management

No matter whether you are offering warehouse services or you are managing a retail store, having an efficient team is always a reliable asset. While handling warehouse operations in multi-channel retail logistics, the staff should not only be able to do the tasks included in their job roles efficiently, they should be trained enough to take on the work usually done by their peers in other departments. Proficiency with technology is also a must to ensure efficiency. Training on rapidly changing dynamics of the logistics industry should also be imparted from time to time to ensure that every person performs at the optimal levels.


It is clearly visible that the services of the best warehousing company in India that keeps up with the aforementioned suggestions are a need of the hour for every retailer that wishes to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, boost its brand image and garner loyalty of all the stakeholders.


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