8 Factors That Ensure a Flawless Warehouse Design

When you think of a top warehouse in India, the first thing that pops into mind is efficient. You want it to be efficient in order to make it the best warehouse in Delhi. Efficiency is a by-product of a good design because if the design is good, the time taken to process the goods would be minimal which will maximize the satisfaction of the end customer. The chances of wrong delivery of products would also reduce if everyone knows which items are kept in which location.

Here is a list of 8 factors that ensure a flawless design for your top warehouse in India.

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  1. Location Matters

If you wish to own a warehouse in Gurgaon, you will be closer to the NCR region that usually has a large customer base for every product. In contrast, if it is situated in Sonepat, the accessibility to the customer base might not be easy. So, when selecting a good location, you should consider its proximity to a large customer base, roads, airports, and ports. You must also consider the costing and local rules & regulations while choosing a location. Obviously, the cost should be at par with the ROI and the rules should be flexible.

  1. The Value of Construction

While constructing a warehouse in Delhi, enough emphasis should be given to its height, plot, structural complexity and service requirements. It should be constructed in such a manner that the flow of goods remains easy and unproblematic. Avoiding small problems like warehouse level not being adjacent to the road level is the key here. For that, you need to plan a lot and pay attention to detail. 

  1. Adding the Doors

Every top warehouse in India has efficient and smart doors. Yours shouldn’t be different. Consider factors like the need for insulation, maintenance, spare parts, and usage before adding a new door. Also, ensure that it is easily operational so that even the low-level employees can operate it without much training.

  1. Inserting Safety Sensibly

When you aim to create the Best warehouse in Delhi, you should add safety features like fire extinguishers, smoke ventilation systems, etc. and train your staff on its usage. It will ensure that minimal products are damaged and fewer people are harmed when there is an emergency.

  1. Taking Help from Technology

If you wish to ensure that the products enter and leave a facility in an organised & timely manner and you get regular reports on efficiency, you should invest some money in technological tools like WMS. It will let you boost efficiencies and fine tune every project without even visiting the place.

  1. Considering Automation

In case you can afford it, adding a bit of automation like machines for packing and sorting goods will do wonders. Machines work faster than humans and thus they are more productive as compared to even your best-performing employees.

  1. Strong Flooring

As the activities in a top warehouse in India never come to a halt, the flooring should be selected wisely. It should be strong enough to not crack even if heavy products are placed on it or scores of people move around carrying things. It should also undergo preventive maintenance every few weeks to avoid cracks or stains instead of just reactive maintenance.

  1. Controlled Temperature

Some goods need to be kept at certain temperatures to remain fresh and they may perish if the temperature is not right. So, you must ensure that the storage areas have some big fridge or deep freezers that can offer coolness. It should also have a system in place for products that need room temperature or hot temperature.


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