How to Create a Flawless Supply Chain Management Process?

Building a series of processes involved in supplying a product to the clients is not easy task for any organization and yet it’s a necessity that the business owners cannot ignore because the better the supply of goods/services, the higher would be the number of satisfied customers. These customers are vital for sustaining and profiting a business. If you are eager to know how top companies succeed in creating a flawless process then do have a look at the 5 points mentioned here and get inspired.

29 may 2017

  1. Plan Perfectly

Every supply chain provider in India knows the power of planning as they have to plan its operations as per customer expectations. So when designing a process, they pay utmost attention to finding the best methods of fulfilling the customer requirements. They identify a few key components such as the location & size of the plan, delivery models, warehouse designing, selecting IT solutions, etc. They also develop key matrices such as warehouse efficiency models, transportation cost models, etc.

  1. Source Smartly

In this stage, the focus is on ensuring that only the most reliable suppliers are discovered for attaining the raw materials to ensure that the production process works without fail. As challenges may occur in the future, it would be wise to have a few backup suppliers who can provide the same quality of raw materials especially during seasonal or unexpected demand. Operational difficulties should be sorted immediately. It is also vital to ensure that suppliers’ get enough credit and profits that they remain faithful and dependable in the long run.

  1. Execute Effectively

Every Supply Chain Provider in India works to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved at this stage. This is the stage where thoughtfully designed processes are implemented so that the existing plans are given a perceivable shape in the form of manufactured products that are ready for quality testing, packaging and delivery. The results at this stage can and must be quantified in order to ensure that maximum level of efficiency is achieved. 

  1. Deliver Diligently

In this stage, the focus is on ensuring that the right products reach the right customers in the right quantity and the right time. In many cases, partnerships are formed with suitable carriers to ensure timely and flawless service. In this stage, the in-charge of the delivery operations need to be equipped with IT tools such as a WMS that helps track the warehouse networks, develops inventory models and creates invoicing & payment receipts.

  1. Return Responsibly

Reliable returns are a key factor in the Indian market because people prefer exactly what they like and if they don’t get it, they simply return the product. They also expect the return process to work fast so that they can get the refund. Every supply chain provider in India works hard to ensure that the returned products are reviewed for quality and the inventory is managed accordingly. In this stage, the in-charge of the return process needs to use technology to ensure faster pickups and quick replacements. The sooner the customers get rid of the damaged or useless products, the happier they will be whereas delayed or postponed pickups only increase the frustration of the customer.


It is quite clear that creating this vital process is a tough nut to crack but it’s possible if the business leaders follow the steps like a supply chain providing company in India. If, as a business owner, you are thinking that developing the process would take more time, effort and money that you can spare then you can easily outsource this function to a reliable company that has a track record of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Trust us, it will be a cheaper and more hassle-free


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