Why Should You Use a Third-Party Logistics Provider?

The current economy is such that every company seeks to be the best in order to enhance customer satisfaction. Companies want the clients to be satisfied and for that, they constantly enhance the internal processes and take the assistance of the outsourcing services providers. One such useful service is the service of the best third party logistics provider in India as they take a business to the next level. When considering partnering with a 3PL company, you should remember that more than 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies need them. If these stats didn’t convince you, the following reasons will do that.

30 may 2017

Focus on More Important Tasks

When you bring on board the best 3PL provider in India, you will be able to concentrate on the core tasks of businesses like customer mapping, client satisfaction, increasing production, generating revenues, etc. while the outsourcing partner would take care of everything from arranging warehouse space to transportation and even hiring a competent team to do your work.

Use as You Want

If you have an expanding company where the demand for most of the products in expanding rapidly while the demand for some declines, you will benefit from trusting a 3PL company as these organizations offer as much as flexibility & scalability you need. They stress about high & low seasons and ensure that all transitions are handled smoothly. So, you don’t need to worry about such petty things.

You Get the Best

As soon as you hire the best third party logistics provider in India, you will get access to the best practices, topmost knowledge, industry experience and technology. It will smooth your supply chain and allow you total control over it via reporting and transparency. Also, seasoned professionals from the industry would work on making the supply chain more efficient and customer-friendly.

Better Market Reach

Most of the 3PL service providers have placed their warehouses in strategic locations across the country or even across the globe. It allows your company to consider expanding your market reach to areas that are unexploited. For instance, if you sell your products only in Delhi but the warehouse of your 3PL service provider is in Gurgaon, you can expand the market reach to include clients from Haryana as well.

Safer All Around

Damaging of goods during transit is a cost every company fears. If you wish to get rid of this problem then you need to hire an outsourcing partner that offers insurance so that if your products are damaged during transit, you don’t have to deal with this loss alone. It is also advisable to pick an outsourcing partner who abides by security regulations such as ISO, C-TPAT, Customs & FTC Regulations, etc.

Quality Enhancement

The enhanced technology, varied assets and expertise of the top professionals that come with outsourcing the supply chain function will ensure that the quality of service delivered to a customer is improved. It also means that all your logistics needs will be satisfied in the best possible manner and there will be continuous improvements in your supply chain.

Improved Customer Service

When you trust the best third party logistics providing company in India, you will get the benefit of ensuring that the products reach the right customers in the right manner at the right time and in the right quantity. The chances of delivery of wrong goods or damaged products will be minimal and the deliveries will be made in a time-effective manner that will not only please the existing customers but would also lure the future customers as well.


It is quite clear that hiring a 3PL company in India is a necessary expense that will prove to be worth your time and effort. It’s a decision that has no side effects apart from a considerable investment of money and this also pays off in form of better customer satisfaction that results in higher revenues.


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