How to Find the Best Logistics Company in India

Supply chain management as a function is gaining a lot of importance especially since the upcoming of online shopping trend in India. Most of the companies consider it too important to handle it on their own. So, they prefer to outsource most of this task. If you are also seeking the Best logistics company in India then you must consider the following:

19 june 2017

  • Warehouse Location

The size of the building should be suitable, the gates should be large enough to ensure large deliveries and it should be close to major highways. It also needs to be in close proximity to ports, railways, and airports. The available space should be enough to keep all your products even if you opt for expansion or when your products are in high demand during some seasons. The quality of equipment should also be top class.

  • Employees

The employees of the company you select should also be competent enough. They should mostly hire permanent employees, the employee attrition should be manageable and the employees should be constantly trained. The company should also conduct thorough background checks, keep the employees motivated and employee efficiencies should always be monitored & improved.

  • IT Capabilities

The key sign of the best logistics company in India is that it would have a strong warehouse management system in place that would ensure better inventory control, faster deliveries and less wastage or fewer mistakes. It would also be good if the WMS is capable of customization and integration. Tracking technology should also be present and there should be a backup plan in place in cases when IT maintenance is needed.

  • Services

Apart from warehousing and transportation, some of the key services that you should look for are inventory management, reverse logistics, product manipulation, home delivery and product installation. These value added services will boost customer experience and let you get more from the money you are paying to the service provider.

  • Information and Communication

Before hiring an outsourcing partner, you should ensure that the company comes clear on what information would they need from your end and how would it use the said information. Information security should also be given a lot of importance because no one likes the client information to be compromised. You should also get the details on how often would you get reports regarding the processes and progress of the work that was done for your organization.

  • Customer Service

The customer service offered by the outsourcing partner should be up to the mark. You should check the time taken to resolve an issue and see how much time is taken for the same. The company should have staff members who are capable of resolving the queries 24 by 7. It would also be nice if the customer service experts know how to handle an irate customer to retain them.

  • Costs

There should always be transparency in pricing and costing with no hidden costs. The price structure should also be easy to understand and check. The invoices should be formatted as per your specifications and there should be proper backup documentation. The payment terms should be acceptable and even negotiable. The price quote provided should be customized to cover all possible services that you might need so that you don’t have to deal with any unexpected costs.

  • Track Record

Last but certainly not the least, the track record of the business matters a lot if you wish to hire a good logistics service provider in India. You should hire an organization that has some experience in dealing with other clients who have similar products like yours. The company should also be able to provide reliable references of past and present customers who testify to the quality of the services offered. The SOP should also suit your goals and expectations.


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