Why Choose Synchronized for Logistics Service?

Are you looking for the Best 3PL company in India? Have you searched a lot on internet but couldn’t find any suitable one from many available options? If so, your search ends here and now. Synchronized Supply Systems Ltd. is the name you can trust. Apart from offering a wide array of 3PL services, you should choose Synchronized Supply Systems Ltd for logistics service due to the following reasons.

  • Multitasking Masters

We have the capabilities to juggle multiple tasks with efficiency. Some of the tasks we excel at include managing thousands of products in a warehouse at once, ensuring the correct flow of goods, keeping inventory tight, putting various products together, problem-solving, assuring on-time home deliveries, etc. When we do all these tasks right, you will have happier customers and the best supply chain management process.

20 june 2017

  • Flat Organizational Structure

Making decisions in the blink of an eye is vital if one wishes to keep the goods moving at the right time in the right manner. Our flat organizational structure ensures quick decision making because the matters reach the key decision maker without going through any complex chain of command. The timely reaction and quick response time have helped us to tackle contingencies swiftly in the past. A flat organizational structure is also handy when adapting to changes in products, systems or management decisions.

  • Customized Approach

When you choose Synchronized Supply Systems Ltd for logistics service, you would realize that everything we do is geared towards customer satisfaction. We take the time to understand you, your products, your business and its goals. Our experts create financially viable and workable plans regarding your supply chain needs. We also upgrade our skills to meet your needs, be it learning about your software or gaining product knowledge regarding a specific product.

  • Efficient Employees

Every member of our staff is skilled, adequately experienced and highly professional. They are trained regularly on various dynamics of supply chain management and technology so that they can do the job in the right manner. We also have autonomous teams that are empowered to do everything that’s possible to deal with a problem and ensuring that the clients get the best service. They remain calm during peak seasons, stressful situations, crises, a breakdown or any technological failure and devise workable backup plans to ensure your satisfaction as a client and the satisfaction of your end customers. And yes, they also like to keep you updated. So, you can expect regular reports from them.

  • Constant Improvement

No organization is ever perfect so we try to be as close to perfect as possible by ensuring quality in everything we do, be it implementing stringent & latest quality management systems or investing in newer technology. We also thrive on developing innovative processes and encourage newer ideas & methodologies that haven’t been tried yet. Reviewing products, services, processes and staff members constantly is also what makes us unique and we believe in closing all the loopholes to offer you value for money services. What’s more is that customer feedback and suggestions are always welcome so feel free to share your thoughts with us whenever you wish. We promise to listen with an open mind!

  • Health and Safety

Employees and goods are our most valuable assets so we ensure their safety 24 by 7. We implement the widely accepted health & safety procedures and offer adequate training that boosts emergency preparedness. All employees also know about the key communication methodologies that will help the decision makers to control the damage. There is zero tolerance policy regarding deviation from health and safety procedures which has helped us to boast of excellent safety records through the years. We also keep an eye out regarding the upcoming health & safety procedures or practices that will make everyone feel safe at all the time.


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