How to Check If a Warehousing Service Provider Takes Safety Seriously?

Maintaining a warehouse that has thousands of products in it may seem like an easy task when one looks in from the outside but it’s really not. In a warehouse that has scores of products, equipment, and employees, the chances of accidents, mishaps and safety incidents are quite high. So, when you are about to hire a warehousing provider, you must ensure that the company you have chosen takes safety seriously. Here’s how you can do it.

30 June 2017

  • No Slippery Floors

The first thing you need to check is that the Warehouse Service Provider doesn’t make any serious safety errors like not getting rid of slippery floors because people who are carrying boxes and moving at a rapid speed don’t always get a chance to see whether the floor is slippery or not. It can lead to serious accidents. There should be some advanced cleaning systems available and a dedicated cleaning crew that ensure that no one ever slips, no matter how rushed a person is!

  • Use of Safe Lifting Techniques

Another thing that must be checked is whether the staff of the warehouse is competent to select safe lifting techniques or not. While doing safe lifting, the load should never obstruct the view of the lifter, the material handling equipment should be used carefully and proper operating procedures should be followed. No one who hasn’t got authorization and training should be allowed to make use of equipment like a forklift. The warehousing service provider should also make sure that the staff doesn’t get complacent about the rules and never make a silly mistake like not wearing a helmet.

  • Fire Safety

A fire can literally ruin any warehouse along with scores of products and people in it.  So the manager or the owner of the place should ensure that there are no slip-ups in following the code of law. In most cases, fires are a result of short circuits, faulty wiring and use of worn out wires. Inspections should be carried out on a regular basis to ensure the use of latest fire-proof wires and containment of Inflammable fluids. Also, the wiring under the carpet floor should be protected from degeneration.

  • Consistency

Each warehousing service provider should also ensure that every employee follows the safety regulations at all the time and there are no exceptions. Every employee should keep the safety gear like helmets, eye protectors, etc. handy and use them whenever needed. Safety drills should be conducted every few weeks and the employees should be reminded about the procedure that needs to be followed if an accident or injury occurs so that they know what to do and don’t waste time panicking.

  • Instant Removal of Potential Safety Hazards

A warehouse manager or owner should be responsible enough to know that there can’t be any warehousing hazards present there. There should be absolutely no slip and trip hazards, stray cords, spilled liquids or any other dangers. The absence of any pits and cracks in flooring is also essential. If there are any hazards that cannot be quickly rectified, a sign should be posted there so that staff members can be a bit more cautious in that area.

  • Correct Labeling

If there is some dangerous equipment in the area, it should be clearly labelled. All the safe walkways should be highlighted through necessary signage. The best and cheapest ways to illuminate all the hazardous zones are to use a tape or opt for painting black and white stripes on the floor of the selected area.

  • Well-Trained Workers

Finally, the warehousing services provider you choose must also provide safety training to workers and ensure that they adhere to safety procedures. The employees must also be inspected from time to time to ensure that they know of all the safety procedures. They should also know how to react in an emergency, whom to report to, how to vacate the area instantly without panicking, etc.


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