How to Ensure the Warehousing Service Provider in India You Plan to Hire has the Right People?

Every company needs to hire the best warehouse to ensure that its products reach the customers in the right manner. But when selecting a warehousing provider in India, companies often forget to see whether the employees of the service provider are competent enough or not. You shouldn’t make the same mistake. You should analyze the competency of people who will handle your goods, manage them, deliver them to the customers and often install them. To judge the skills of manpower of the warehouse, you just need to seek the answer to the following questions: 


  • Do They have Exposure to Harsh Work Environments?

The staff members of the warehousing company you hire should have exposure to harsh working conditions. They should be able to work in too hot, too cold or extremely rainy weather situations without hampering the productivity. This toughness of the employees will pay off when your clients get their deliveries even in extreme weather conditions and appreciate your company for it. 

  • Do They Possess Knowledge of Paperwork?

The staff members of the company should be familiar with all the paperwork regarding orders and inventories. It will ensure that the goods are tracked in the right manner and no records ever go missing. After all, the goods do have monetary value and you won’t want the goods to disappear without a trace, would you? 

  • Have They Got an Understanding of Complicated Equipment?

If you are supplying the warehouse with heavy goods, you should not only ensure that it has equipment like forklifts, pallet jackets, etc. to handle it but it also has competent staff members to deal with the task of handling the equipment. Even the workers who don’t know how to handle the equipment as it’s not their job should know how dangerous the equipment is and steer clear of it to avoid accidents. 

  • Are They Appropriately Qualified?

There’s no harm in checking the resumes of the top level professionals of the warehousing service provider in India you are hiring. It will ensure you that the company is going in the right direction and the leaders know how to do things correctly. You should also make sure that the persons responsible for handling equipment are well-qualified and certified as novices can unintentionally cause accidents. Even the most junior employees should be able to communicate smoothly and know their jobs. You can check it while walking through the warehouse and talking to a few of employees randomly. 

  • Are They Good at Stock Management?

The employees of the company you are going to hire should have proper stock management skills. They should be aware of things like FIFO to ensure stock is cleared in a proper manner. They should handle the fragile goods with care. It is also essential that they check the goods, examine for flaws and pack them in a perfect manner. 

  • Do They Get Safety Training?

This one should be a deal-breaker. If the staff members of the warehousing service provider in India you are hiring don’t know about the safety procedures and they are not trained consistently, it can lead to disasters. So, you should ask the company what safety training it provides and at what intervals before partnering with it without feeling hesitant about it. After all, it’s the question of the safety of your goods, which might be very expensive. 

  • Do They Have Familiarity with Ergonomics?

As reaching, squatting and heavy lifting are often part of the jobs, the employees should have the knowledge to do these activities with good body mechanics. It will ensure fewer workplace injuries and less halting of operations. 

  • Do They Have a Problem Solving Approach?

The employees should also have sharp minds and problem-solving approach. It means that even if a problem occurs like the products get wrongly delivered, they should be quick-thinking enough to process a return as soon as possible.

 Do They Value Customer Focus?

Finally, the staff of warehousing service provider in India should ensure that they keep your clients happy at all times by bowing to all just demands of the customers like customized packaging, on-time delivery, and quick returns. It will enhance your brand value and your customers will be happier.


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