7 Factors for a Perfect Warehouse Design

Many times, the design of a warehouse is neglected or taken for granted while creating the overall supply chain strategy. People forget that design of a warehouse is the core part of the supply chain management process as it ensures that receiving and distributing products becomes easier. Hence, you must ensure that you consider 7 factors for a perfect warehouse design that will not only help you to design a flawless warehouse for the present but it will take care of the future needs as well.

10 aug 17

  1. Remember the Products

The first thing you need to consider is what sort of products it will hold. If you have any idea about the type of products, the number of units, weight of the products and unit dimensions, it will help you to make better storage available for them. In case you are planning to store multiple products, you should ensure that different kinds of products are allotted a separate space in a warehouse.

  1. Ensure Proper Health and Safety

It is also essential to ensure that a warehouse has some safety features in place. It may include things like fire compartments, smoke ventilation systems, etc. It is also a good idea to design a space that gets rid of the waste in a productive manner so that the waste doesn’t harm the health and safety of the workers or nearby communities. Small things like walkway barriers, racking protection, etc, should also be given a lot of value.

  1. Judge Available Resources

When you purchase any space, you need to ensure that it has adequate electricity, proper lifts, inbuilt racks, etc. as these factors will help you to create a good design of your warehouse. For instance, if your exit is just a few steps away from the lift A, you will be smart to put heavy products near that lift so that they can be moved in a more hassle-free manner.

  1. Try Attaining Perfect Circulation of Goods

When you are thinking about 7 factors for a perfect warehouse design, you should ensure that there is scope for perfect circulation of goods. Circulation refers to the movement that takes place in logistical operations like dispatch, receipt and a few order preparation processes. You should always aim for a design that ensures high products rotation, i.e., how often the goods are renewed.

  1. Keep the Manpower in Mind

While designing a warehouse, you can’t neglect the fact that people are your key strength. So, you should ensure that employees have their own space like office areas, break rooms, canteen, etc. as these things will make them more productive. You would also be smart to cluster employees of the same department like packaging or reverse logistics in the same areas as it will help in boosting the teamwork.

  1. Assure the Right Temperature

If you are planning to store products like fresh vegetables, processed foods, chemicals or any other category of products that need to be stored at a certain temperature, you should ensure that temperature controlled areas are a key one among 7 factors for a perfect warehouse design. Seeking solutions like cold storage will ensure that the products don’t perish easily and they reach the customer in a perfect manner.

  1. Make Way for Technology

Finally, you should also focus on ensuring that you add some technology to the warehouse because it will help you keep an eye on every aspect of the warehouse, be it the movement of goods or the wastage or even employee productivity. To monitor employee performance, you can invest in a good human resource software and to ensure a smoother flow of goods, you need to buy a good warehouse management system.


It is quite clear that if you add these 7 factors, you will achieve the desired levels of efficiency. You will also make sure that you save some money as you won’t need to invest any money in altering the warehouse design later on.


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