How Can a 3PL Service Provider Boost Your Order Fulfillment Process?

The process of customer order fulfillment and management is an ongoing process of all e-commerce companies. If you are a distributor or manufacturer or shipping B2B then you will have to ship larger orders as compared to a B2C retailer. So, using order management software that not only keeps tracks of all the orders but also automatically transmits them to a 3PL service provider can be the secret of ensuring that orders get out of the door faster and with minimal effort from your end. Using the services of a company that offers quality will be a better option as it will reduce errors, decrease shipping costs and lets you have access to advanced & state-of-the-art technologies that might be too costly for you to buy on your own.

When a business is growing at a rapid pace, it’s great news for everyone but the fact is the rapid growth of business also makes it harder to ensure that order fulfillment process is being managed in the right manner. In a rapidly growing business, your needs will also increase as you will need to hire more employees, rent/ buy more warehouse space and more time to deal with errors that might occur anywhere throughout the process.

18 Aug 17

For most of the business, especially those businesses that don’t have the time or the funds to hire new employees, store, pack, and ship their products, hiring a 3PL service provider is the most sensible option. Though there are many benefits of hiring such a partner, the ones directly related to outsourcing order fulfillment are listed right here.

  1. Focus on Core Business Areas

If you spend a large part of your working days focusing on fulfillment and other logistics processes, the other core business areas might suffer. So, you should trust a third party logistics company to deal with order fulfillment as it will let you have enough time to meet with new clients, think of business expansion, cutting costs and boosting revenues. If you think you can’t trust an outsider right away, you can look over the progress reports regularly and be assured that your logistics processes are running as smoothly as you might have run them.

  1. Low Shipping Costs Due to Large Volumes

Almost every good third party logistics company will have the expertise, technology, and infrastructure needed to be as efficient as possible. It can help you to get lower rates across the board. As fulfillment providers usually work with different types of businesses, they are usually able to negotiate better deals with carriers that might otherwise be beyond your reach. Greater shipping volumes allow them to offer low shipping costs than you were paying before.

  1. Less Scope for Errors

When you hire a 3PL service provider that has been operational for a few years, you will be able to learn new things from it. One of the things you may realize that if you invest in a good order management system and integrate it with the third party logistics company, the customer orders would be automatically transferred to the 3PL firm which will ensure that there will be lesser scope for an error. Remember, people make more errors than machines. You should also be aware that when the orders are transmitted and fulfilled in short order, the service levels enjoyed by your customers will increase.

  1. Scalability Becomes an Easier Option        

Choosing an outsourcing company to streamline and handle the fulfillment process is also a wise decision as it allows your business to expand its customer reach. When you trust a company that can ensure national and global order fulfillment, you can reach to the customers from different parts of the world quite easily.

  1. Free Access to Top Technology

When you hire the right partner to oversee the order fulfillment process, you may not need to invest in expensive or large fulfillment systems as it would take care of that. You can also promote that you have access to the top of the line technology to endorse your business as an advanced and tech-friendly brand.


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