Top 7 Strategies to Boost Your Supply Chain Productivity

Business success and supply chain productivity are closely related. So, the efficient your supply chain processes are, the higher would be the productivity which usually turns to higher revenues. This makes it clear that if a company wants to succeed, it needs to boost its supply chain productivity. Top 7 strategies that can help with it are listed right here:

  1. Develop the Right Standards

You need to work to ensure that you build right procedural standards as they will help in reducing the errors along with saving the organization’s time and money. Each employee should know what he or she is supposed to do on a daily basis and must adhere to the standards that are laid out by the organization. There should be stringent repercussions of not following the defined procedure as it will increase adherence.

22 aug 17

  1. Ensure Right Communication

It is vital for you to ensure that employees are aware of the organizational goals at all times. They should know if the organization is working towards a specific goal like increasing revenues during seasonal sales. It will ensure that they align their personal goals with organizational goals and enhance their performance when the organization needs them to. Holding daily or weekly meetings with all the members working in SCM is the key to ensuring right communication.

  1. Offer Rewards

Another sure shot way is to ensure that all employees are aware of incentives they can get if the productivity improves. Performance bonuses, cash awards and employee benefits like paid holidays, awards, recognition, extra leaves, etc. are a few ways of ensuring that employees become more productive.

  1. Provide Training

Implementing a powerful training program that helps employees to adjust to the constant changes coming in the company is another way that is highly popular. For instance, if you have hired a 3PL company, your employees should be trained on when, how and how often to communicate with the staff of the outsourcing providers. They should also know of the ways to respond to queries forwarded by the service provider.

  1. Constant Vigilance

There are a few areas that drive your businesses’ supply chain success. They are on time deliveries, safety, service levels, inventory management, productivity, product damage, cost per unit and customer satisfaction. You, your employees and the 3PL company you have hired (if any), should work towards ensuring that these business drivers are used optimally. They should all keep an eye on existing practices and suggest methods of improvement.

  1. Use Technology

Using technological innovations like a warehouse management system or partnering with a 3PL company that already has that system is a good idea. It will help in streamlining the processes, help in detection of errors and assist with rectifying the solutions. Using technological tools like data analytics can also help you to decide a future course of action such as how much sales or inventory levels you need during the festive season, why most of your customers are opting for the return of products and how you can reduce the rate of return.

  1. Reduce Costs

Finally, a simple way of enhancing SCM is to reduce extra costs by bargaining the best deals. If you make the time and effort to find a good 3PL company, you can save costs like excessive transportation costs, storage costs, inventory costs, etc. If you are thinking that hiring a 3PL company is an additional cost in itself then you should know that an outsourcing partner would let you get access to customized packages of their services that won’t be too expensive but give you maximum ROI.


Though there are many ways of boosting supply chain productivity, these methods are your best bet. If you implement these methods one by one in a systematic order, you will find that your SCM operations are seamlessly running without much interference from your end.


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