Top 7 Advantages of Hiring a 3PL company

Managing supply chain operations processes can be a tough nut to crack if you are the owner of a growing company. This is the core reason why many business owners prefer to hire Best third-party logistics providers in India. If you have also considered this option and rejected it because it seemed expensive then its high time for you to know of 7 advantages of hiring a 3PL company. If you can get all these advantages, the benefits you reap from this decision will surpass its costs.

25 Aug 17

  1. Better Revenues

A good 3PL company can help you to boost your revenues by increasing your geographical reach. It will not only ensure that you deliver the products in every part of the country, but it will also handle international deliveries. It will also help you to reduce wastage, so you will be able to attain more cost savings as well.

  1. Low Operational Expenses

When you hire a 3PL company with a bunch of SCM experts who have got tons of years of expertise in the field, then they will help enhance the operational efficiencies of your supply chain process. Operational snags will be highlighted and removed after your approval. It will also help in enhancing the visibility of each product so that if any operational snag halts the progress of a product, you can be notified of the same immediately.

  1. Improved Tracking Abilities

As most of the third-party logistics providers in India have already developed tracking mechanisms for tracking every shipment, you and your customers would be able to benefit from it. Your customers will be able to track the exact position of the shipment at any time, and it will increase their sense of control, and it will further boost their brand loyalty.

  1. More Swiftness and Accuracy

A good 3PL company will streamline the supply chain operations in such a manner that the products will swiftly reach your customers. It will ensure that the shortest route for each delivery is identified by picking the right transport vehicle and route. Swift deliveries would ensure that customers are more satisfied. The outsourcing partner will also reduce the chances of wrong or defected product delivery by enhancing quality control.

  1. Continuous Improvement

If you place your trust in one of the topmost third-party logistics providers in India, you will benefit from their continuous improvement initiatives. Most of these companies upgrade their software from time to time, trains their staff and enhance the operational efficiencies. These companies also let their clients (that’s you) benefit from the same by taking steps like integrating your software with theirs, training your staff members and ensuring that your products safety is paramount.

  1. Frees Up Your Time

When you hire a good outsourcing partner for SCM, it will ensure that you don’t have to spend time in ensuring petty things like whether your inventory is right or not or whether your delivery trucks need repair. The company will take care of day-to-day operations while providing you the liberty to take major decisions like how much inventory should be replenished. When you are not spending much time in the day to day operations, you will be able to focus on other crucial aspects of your business like increasing sales, boosting operations, penetrating new markets and improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Quick Issue Resolution

Finally, hiring a 3PL company is also highly recommended because it ensures that your supply chain process becomes as efficient and as productive as possible. You will work with people who have sorted out all types of SCM problems and would provide you with multiple solutions for a single problem. You will also have access to best forecasts about inventory, sales, delivery, reverse logistics etc. All of it means you will be able to get over any and all major problems like inventory shortage, supply issues, etc. without having to devise any solutions on your own. You will get ready-made solutions and you just need to ensure that they are implemented in the right manner.


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