6 Unexpected Benefits of Hiring a Good E-Commerce Logistics Partner or a 3PL Company

E-commerce is one of the most rapidly growing industries in India. If you already work in this industry or you intend to enter in the near future, you should seriously consider the option of hiring a good logistics partner. It will be a low investment decision that will offer you many benefits. It is also a hassle-free option than managing the entire supply chain processes on your own.

  1. You Can Keep the Focus on What You Like

30 Aug 17

Each person has a few assets or skills. If your skills are more honed in the area of business management, profit maximization, and revenue enhancement then you should focus on that only. You shouldn’t bother yourself with tracking a shipment or counting inventories. You should trust a 3PL company like Synchronized Supply Systems Limited that will have expertise in supply chain operations management and will enhance its processes as much as possible.

  1. Competitive Edge

When you hire a good e-commerce logistics partner, you will be able to gain a competitive edge and destroy all competition by constantly winning the hearts of the customers. When all the products ordered by them reach the customers on time or before time, they would not think of replacing your e-commerce store with another. A good third-party logistics provider in India will also guide you on the actions taken by your competitor like free reverse deliveries so that you can also provide the same service.

  1. Well-Maintained Infrastructure

In case you don’t choose the right 3PL company, you will need to spend at least a few months in setting up the basic infrastructure like renting a warehouse, hiring transportation, recruiting people, buying WMS software etc. It will take up a lot of your time, energy and money. In contrast, if you make use of the infrastructure already established by a third-party logistics provider in India, you won’t need to spend any extra money or time in setting your own infrastructure. You can just make use of their resources and pay a negligible price.

  1. Always the Best

When you hire a good 3PL company that has already worked with a few e-commerce firms in the past, you will realize that the third-party logistics provider in India knows how to manage sudden sales and lot of deliveries by optimally using its resources. Similarly, it will know how to handle human resources during slow seasons so that they don’t feel worthless. This will ensure that your customers avail top of the line service levels with regard to product deliveries.

  1. On-Demand Availability

You should seriously consider an outsourcing partner if your e-commerce operations are in the budding stage and you don’t want to invest heavily in SCM. Most of the 3PL service providers would allow you to pay for as long as you are availing a service without any limitations. You are free to hire the service for a few months and decide to discontinue if your business isn’t garnering the results you expected.

  1. Amazing Prices

Finally, you should hire a 3PL company to handle the SCM processes as the services you can avail are highly cost-effective. You can actually get amazing services at unbelievable rates because the third-party logistics provider would have many clients to keep the resources busy most of the time and it won’t be dependent on you to generate profits. If you are seeking a long-term business association, you can even negotiate the service fee that will lead to more money savings. If you can’t get a discount, you can choose to ask for a customized package wherein you pay for the services you need. A good service provider would be able to map your existing SCM processes, devise a customized plan and deliver the same to you at an excellent price. Ask for custom quotes from a 3PL company if you don’t believe us!


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