Top 6 Irresistible Benefits of 3PL Warehousing

Hiring a 3PL company has become more of a necessity than an option in a world where customers expect swift, timely and correct deliveries and the cost of wrong deliveries in borne by the manufacturer or supplier of a product. If you are thinking of hiring a third-party logistics company in India, then you should select a company that offers 3PL warehousing. It will offer numerous benefits, some of which are mentioned right here.

6 sep 17

  1. Experience and Reach

The first benefit of hiring a 3PL warehousing company is that the people handling the tasks would be true experts with years of experience in the field they have chosen. They would also know how to use this expertise to boost efficiencies for a client. The experts would also have warehouses in multiple parts of the country which mean that you will be able to reach these parts of India and explore potential customers over there. Each of the locations will be managed by a talented team to ensure perfect operations.

  1. Customized Services

A good 3PL warehousing company will offer a wide array of services but you as a customer would have the power to get a customized deal in which only the services you need like inventory management would be included and the services you don’t need at the moment like installation of products won’t be included. Seeking a custom-made package is always preferable as it ensures lower costs and leads to better service delivery.

  1. Maximized Efficiency

If you don’t hire a third-party logistics company in India for warehousing operations, your staff members would usually deal with the process. Though they might do their jobs right, they would rarely want to customize and enhance the processes to make them more efficient. In contrast, when you hire an expert, the focus would always be to maximize efficiencies via the optimal use of resources. As it’s their job to keep the efficiencies ahead of the competition, the experts will also look out for new inventions and invest in them to increase efficiencies.

  1. Real-time Shipping Information

Hiring a good third-party logistics company in India for warehousing and distribution of products is a benefit for your customers as they would be able to get access to real-time shipping information. The customers can be assured that the shipment has left the place of origin in a timely manner and it would be delivered without any delays. This knowledge keeps them calm until the shipment reaches the destination.

  1. Varied Transportation Resources

Another benefit of hiring a 3PL warehousing company is that you get access to best in class and multiple transport solutions like ships, trucks, air planes, etc. A good company will have warehouses near the ports and rail networks to ensure seamless delivery of all products. It would also have the capabilities to export products which allows you to expand your customer base across geographical boundaries and reach every corner of the world.

  1. Top Technology

Finally, a good third-party logistics company in India will have access to top warehouse management systems that will help it to manage and store inventories according to product type and manufacturing date. This system would also enable the company to warn you if any of your products are about to expire so that you can plan for waste disposal. It can also access inventory trends and let you know of upcoming sales booms so that you can create, manufacture or procure products in bulk rather than running out of it when customers need it.


It is quite clear that hiring an expert for warehouse management is a beneficial decision that delivers long term results. If you find a good 3PL company, you should stick to it to keep reaping the innumerable benefits by going for long-term contracts. It will assure the 3PL warehousing company that you are a long-term client and the service deliverables would enhance further.


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