Top 8 Financial Benefits of Hiring a 3PL Company

Partnering with a 3PL company for warehouse, distribution, and transportation of the goods you manufacture or supply is beneficial for companies of all sizes. Learn 8 ways of boosting a company’s bottom lines and increase its revenues by going for the outsourcing route right here.

  1. Scalability


A third-party logistics partner will allow you to avail scalable services like warehouse space to transportation volumes as per your product demand. Shipping options like just in time or demand allow you as a manufacturer to be flexible with your space as the raw materials and finished goods are stored off site and they are brought in only when it’s needed.

11 sep 17

  1. Enjoy Variable Costs

Variable costs mean paying for assets only when they are used not when they are acquired. So as an organization, you can avail variable costs for warehouse space, equipment, labor, etc. This allows your company to grow, down size or move on when needed without any issues within the company or arising problems for the customers.

  1. No Employee Costs

Hiring the right people and constantly training them is a huge expense in any organization. You don’t have to worry about it when you hire a 3PL company as it will have its own trained staff at your disposal. You can even use their expertise by having a chat with them on how to make SCM operations more cost-effective.

  1. No Capital Investment

When you hire a third-party logistics company in India, you don’t need to invest heavily. There is no down payment you have to make and you don’t need to buy a warehouse or any expensive equipment. Instead, you get to make use of existing infrastructure of the service provider that is constantly updated for as long as you want.

  1. Low-Cost Business Decisions

In case you want to explore a new business opportunity at a new business location or you want to shift the warehouse to a space that’s closer to your manufacturing facility then the cost of these business decisions would be minimal. The experts working for a third-party logistics company in India will take charge of the process and do it during holidays or weekends so that your customers don’t feel impacted by it while you pay negligible fees for the same.

  1. Constant Improvement

Each good third-party logistics company in India will spend time, effort and money in ensuring that the products reach the customers in an effective manner. It will constantly work on reducing the transportation times, keeping the right amount of inventory and safely storing the precious products among other things. These improvements would rarely cost you anything but the benefits will be reaped by you only.

  1. Clustered Services

A good 3PL company would also be willing to provide you with many services you need in a single package and often offer a discount on the same. It will also develop its services as per the changing customer needs and give you the opportunity to serve your customers in a better manner and boost their loyalty. For instance, reverse logistics is a relatively new service sought by online shoppers and if you provide it, they will choose you over the competition.

  1. More Liberty

When you invest the time, money and resources to set up your own logistics operations, you can’t just decide to discontinue the logistics without dealing with heavy losses. In contrast, when you hire a third-party logistics partner, you don’t need to worry about the expenses and you can stop availing this service by giving a short notice. The service provider won’t complain much because it will have hopes to get you back as a customer. So, the entire process would be seamless at both ends.


It is quite clear that hiring a 3PL company is a good idea if you want to improve business bottom lines and customer satisfaction but don’t want to invest heavily in this business operation.


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