5 Ways 3PL Companies Can Help in Reducing Supply Chain Systems Costs

Overspending is perhaps the biggest fear of every company in these tough economic times. If you also own or manage a company then you focus should be on discovering the key departments/ areas where you tend to overspend so that you can cut costs there. One of such areas in which most of the firms tend to overspend is their supply chain system. If an SCM process is not well-defined, agile and flexible, chances are you are wasting your money on it.

A permanent fix to this problem is to hire a 3PL Company to streamline supply chain systems. An expert firm will not only reduce cost but will also increase overall efficiencies. It will also ensure that the wastage amount hits a new low and it will see to it that wise forecasts are available for better inventory planning & management. Have a look at top 5 ways an efficient supply chain system can help in reducing costs right here.

20 sep 17

  1. Devising Optimal Delivery Routes

If your company is overspending on transit budget or you suspect the same then the experts of a 3PL Company will analyze the situation and highlight the exact amount that is not getting any results with regard to transit. After that, it will create new delivery routes for trucks so that your company can allocate its resources in an effective manner. When the delivery routes have been optimized the level of your end customers’ satisfaction will increase because the products will be delivered sooner than expected and in perfect condition.

  1. Fixing Invoicing Process

An excellent third-party logistics company will also have a look at your current invoice system and determine its flaws like the need to enter the same data over and over again. The next step would be to use a better invoicing process that has an exceptional interface and needs less manual hours to maintain. It will also improve the accuracy of invoicing and let people who were earlier involved in generating invoices only to be more productive.

  1. Streamlining Shipping

The next step taken by an efficient third-party logistics company will be to streamline the shipping process. Are you wondering why it’s needed? Well, you need it because you spend too much time at the toll and customs areas. A 3PL Company will automate the customs and toll-related formalities so that a shipment can pass through national and international borders in a minimal amount of time. This will again increase efficiencies, save costs and make your end customer happy via before time deliveries.

  1. Ensuring Best Budgeting

An efficient third-party logistics company will also ensure that your SCM budget is never exceeded. It will get rid of excessive processes and human resources along with ensuring that corrective measures are taken. They will do a thorough audit of the existing processes and improve the same. New plans will be created to reduce wastage, predict inventories and ensure adherence to the best in class SCM processes. Reports will be sent on how things or processes can be made cost-effective and every change will be implemented only after seeking your permission.

  1. Automating for Eliminating Errors

A good 3PL Company will also automate administrative tasks like filing of a form, tracking inventories, writing purchase orders, etc. because these functions often lead to errors if carried out by humans. Automation would reduce the scope of any errors and will also suggest as well as implement the best practices regarding filing purchase orders, filing customs forms, tracking inventory, etc. by making improvement suggestions.


Now if you want to hire the best 3PL Company that has the track record of successfully reducing supply chain systems cost then you need to contact Synchronized Supply Systems Limited. We offer the top of the line solutions and services that will not only help you to curtail costs but also make the SCM processes as hassle-free as they can be.


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