6 Reasons to hire a 3PL company for Outsourcing Transportation Services

If you are manufacturing or shipping your own products or you are just shipping products made by someone else, you would surely realize how vital it is to have a good transportation partner because such a partner can only ensure that all the shipments reach their destination in the right timeframe to the right person. If you haven’t hired someone and outsource the transportation service then you should seriously consider hiring a good 3PL company that has an expertise in devising and implementing transport solutions.

23 Sep 17

In case you are looking for a good reason to trust a third-party logistics company in India regarding transport solutions then you will be pleased to know that we are giving you 6 solid reasons for the same. Have a look at them right here and use them to convince yourself or your boss to go for it.

  1. Time and Money Savings

When you hire a good 3PL company that makes use of a transportation management software, has a well-built carrier network and excellent reporting capacity then you would surely get a lot of money savings. You can also expect a saving of time because you would not need to establish new processes but just modify the ones that are already there.

  1. Great Network

Each reliable third-party logistics company in India that has been in the market for at least a few years will have its own industry relationships as well as shipment volumes. Both these can be handy for you as they will help to get lower prices. An expert will also negotiate on fuel surcharges as well. As a 3PL company will usually have at least a few thousand carriers in its fleet network, you can get more benefit when carriers bid on freight because it lowers the price significantly.

  1. Constant Improvement

It is an obvious fact that no matter which third-party logistics company in India you choose for outsourcing transportation services, you will most likely pick a company that is in the market for profit. So how does it earn the profit? Most usually it is done by finding new and innovative ways of cutting costs and adding value to logistics operations without ever compromising on the levels of customer service. A team of experts will monitor, analyze and tweak the processes every day so that you can benefit from the same without paying any extra costs. It will also modify the transportation service delivery methods to ensure that they are the most advanced and never fall victim to the consistently changing supply chain environment.

  1. Risk Management

Outsourcing transportation services is also a smart idea because it negates the risk factor. When an outsourcing partner takes care of transportation management for you, it will be responsible for ensuring that the shipment reaches the destination on time and in case an accident or stealing or natural calamity damages the goods, it will pay for the same. In most cases, you won’t even have to shell a penny. This is the reason that a 3PL company will constantly work to ensure that the probability of any calamity is lowered as much as possible.

  1. Access to Technology

If you choose a good third-party logistics company in India, it’s very likely that it will have its own transport management software that will offer an insight into the SCM processes. It will also let you have access to custom data whenever you wish without you having to spend any money on this technology. This technology will also help in highlighting operational snags and suggesting ways of correcting the same.

  1. Better Operational Control

You can also expect better operational control when hiring a 3PL company for outsourcing transportation services. A good outsourcing partner will keep you in the loop regarding any decisions taken to enhance your transportation processes and will also share multiple solutions that worked in the past which will help you make a better decision. It will also help you to keep up with what’s happening in your SCM processes by sending regular reports.


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