Top 5 Features of a Green Logistics Company

Believe it or not, green logistics companies are the need of the hour. A logistics firm that considers air pollutants and emissions produced by trucking fleets while reducing wastage fall under the category of green firms. While seeking the best logistics company in India, a customer should pay a little attention to which firm follows greener policies and which firm doesn’t care much about the impact of its operations on the environment.

4 Oct 17

It is also a wise idea to seek a green 3PL company as a client because you need to think about external costs of logistics pertaining to climate change such as vehicle accidents, noise pollution, and vibrations. Finding the best green SCM provider that takes care of everything from shipping to inventory and warehousing to packaging along with security functions related to shipments is not an easy task because there is a dearth of environmentally aware supply chain firms in India. Here are a few ideas on how to spot the best logistics company in India that cares about the environment.

  1. Minimal Waste

The first sign of a green logistics firm is that it will do all that’s possible to reduce the waste, be it avoiding wasteful packing to ensuring that the damaged or irreparable products are disposed of in a wise manner. It will also propagate about its environment-friendly policies with regard to product management and packaging. So, when looking for the right partner, do ask a firm about what packaging practices they follow and how wasteful items are disposed of.

  1. Less Co2 Emissions

A firm that cares about the environment would be aware of the fact that about 15 percent of global Co2 emissions are credited to the transport sector. Hence, it will do all that’s possible to ensure that its transport solutions have minimal Co2 emissions. It might be done by simply partnering with CNG or electric vehicle providers along with ensuring that best practices like getting a pollution check done regularly are followed by all the vehicle drivers/owners.

  1. Better Planning

The best logistics company in India that is conscious about the environment will reduce its footprint by planning all the shipments wisely and ensuring that multiple customers are satisfied at the same time. For instance, if end customer A needs just half a truck of XX goods, it will be sure to find customer B who lives nearby and deliver YY goods by packing both types of goods in the same shipment. Smart packaging and future planning ensure that no truck ever leaves the warehouse when it’s not used to its full capacity. After all, more trips to and from the customers mean more consumption of fuel and more Co2 emission.

  1. Quality Enhancement

A green 3PL company will audit its own practices and procedures frequently to ensure that best practices regarding inventory management are followed so that the cause of wastage can be eliminated. It will keep an eye on the reasons for product wastage like less demand during some months and communicate the same to the customer so that a customer can reduce the manufacturing numbers during those months. It will also make use of quality management processes like lean, six sigma, etc.

  1. Training and Motivating Everyone

The best logistics company in India that cares about a greener tomorrow will continually train its employees on maintaining greener processes and thinking of new ways to protect the environment. It will also request its clients, partners, suppliers and transport providers to reduce the carbon footprint by doing simple things like shooting a newsletter regarding benefits of going green to all of them about once a week. It can even organize events to make all the stakeholders more aware of environment-friendly practices. It will also keep an eye on the topmost environment-friendly policies followed by 3PL companies across the world and learn the best ones from them.


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